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Facts & Features

City College of Commerce and Business Administration is one of the nine educational institutions under the Brahmo Samaj.

IBM Students

Campus Recruitment

15 students recruited by IBM Concentrix in a Campus Recruitment Drive on 17th November, 2017.


Purpose & Goal

In spite of its rich educational heritage, the college does not intend to sit on the past laurels. Keeping in view the ever-increasing academic demands and the soaring academic level achieved by institutions the world over;


        The admission procedure is conducted online. It involves the steps enumerated below:


  • Filling up the admission forms posted on the college website
  • Downloading the receipt/ chalan from there and submission of the same at the bank designated for this act.
  • The merit lists prepared in the descending order on the basis of marks obtained and duly posted on the website
  • Admission fees deposited in the bank by selected candidates
  • Formal admission process completed in the college
  • Cash payment done through chalans generated through the website and deposited in the bank
  • Online payment through debit/credit cards allowed
  • Continuation of the admission process on the basis of deadlines specified for different merit lists prepared as per the number of seats filled up
  • Number of lists prepared on the basis of vacancies remaining after the expiry of each deadline
  • The list of admitted candidates received through MIS from the bank




  • The admission criteria outlined by the University of Calcutta adhered to
  • Cut-off marks fixed within the prescribed parameters
  • Marks verified twice at the time of admission in spite of their authenticity after being checked online.
  • The entire process completed within the stipulated deadline marked by the university
  • Admission of the backward castes and tribes strictly maintained as per the norms laid down for such communities