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Facts & Features

City College of Commerce and Business Administration is one of the nine educational institutions under the Brahmo Samaj.

IBM Students

Campus Recruitment

15 students recruited by IBM Concentrix in a Campus Recruitment Drive on 17th November, 2017.


Purpose & Goal

In spite of its rich educational heritage, the college does not intend to sit on the past laurels. Keeping in view the ever-increasing academic demands and the soaring academic level achieved by institutions the world over;

Infrastructural facilities and Other Services:


i)      Book Store:


  • Exclusively for students to provide them text and reference books at an affordable price
  • Books from other book stores and publishers supplied on placement of order


ii)     Canteen:


  • Exclusively meant for the students
  • Food provided at a perfectly student-friendly rate
  • Aquaguard water-filters installed in the canteen as elsewhere in the college


iii)    Healthcare services:


  • Centre for primary healthcare in the campus under the head ‘St. John’s Ambulance’, rendering services like health check-up as well as community work which involves students and teachers alike.
  • The college linked to the Govt.-run Students’ Health Home, which renders health service to students gratis 


iv)    Other necessary infrastructural set-up:


  • Administrative and academic offices and sections (Accounts, Establishment, Cash, Examination, Record and Despatch)
  • Computer facilities available in the important sections
  • Biometry 
  • Fully equipped ICT-enabled room
  • Separate space for the Grievance Redressal Cell, the Career Counselling and Placement Cell and the NSS unit of the college
  • Computer Laboratory to host project interviews and classes linked to Information Technology
  • Basic infrastructural amenities: power generator, water reservoirs, water coolers and fire extinguisher 

 V) 1O K Wp Rooftop Grid Connected Solar Photovoltaic Power Plant

     (A Green Energy Initiative for Better Environment)

       Funded by Department of Environment, Govt. of West Bengal

     Implemented by West Bengal Pollution Control Board