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Facts & Features

City College of Commerce and Business Administration is one of the nine educational institutions under the Brahmo Samaj.

IBM Students

Campus Recruitment

15 students recruited by IBM Concentrix in a Campus Recruitment Drive on 17th November, 2017.


Purpose & Goal

In spite of its rich educational heritage, the college does not intend to sit on the past laurels. Keeping in view the ever-increasing academic demands and the soaring academic level achieved by institutions the world over;

The Institutional Strategic/Perspective Plan

The institutional Strategic/ perspective plan is effectively deployed

Keeping in view the exigencies of the situation, the institution had to devise its strategy to keep the machinery active. The following are the salient points the college sought to devise to work out its strategy:

  • Keeping the academic pursuits intact by closely monitoring the online classes
  • Appointing Administrators for different student groups to oversee the running of the classes and prepare reports for registering complaints of the students and teachers
  • The Principal to have complete access to these classes at any point of time and take necessary steps if and when needed
  • Get on with the work of filling out the AQAR of the previous year to be submitted online to NAAC
  • Attending official work physically on a specific number of days and engaging the office staff on the basis of a duty roster in order not to keep pending work and to expedite urgent official work without delay
  • Engaging a limited number of teaching staff to come to the college and help the administration get on with academic and other work of urgent interest
  • Organisation of webinars involving teachers and students

The college chalked out its strategy on the basis of the points mentioned above. In spite of the snags, the institution tried to work out these plans as much as possible.