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Facts & Features

City College of Commerce and Business Administration is one of the nine educational institutions under the Brahmo Samaj.

IBM Students

Campus Recruitment

15 students recruited by IBM Concentrix in a Campus Recruitment Drive on 17th November, 2017.


Purpose & Goal

In spite of its rich educational heritage, the college does not intend to sit on the past laurels. Keeping in view the ever-increasing academic demands and the soaring academic level achieved by institutions the world over;


The Governing body of the college is the highest constituent body of the college empowered to take ultimate decisions about all significant issue/s pertaining to the institution. It comprises fourteen members in all: the Principal (also Secretary, Governing Body) of the college, two teacher representatives, the Principal of Umes Chandra College (also Joint Secretary, Governing Body) and ten trustee members. The Governing Body plays a decisive role in discussing proposals, schemes and contentious issues as well as in devising strategies to help the smooth running of the institution. With nine trustee members on the Board not in any way connected with the internal activities of the college, the Governing Body functions in an unbiased manner to determine the outcome of any discourse and pass a resolution. Two representatives from the Non-Teaching Staff participate in the meetings as invitee members.


The names of the members of the current  Council are:


  1. Sri Arnab Kumar Paul, Rector
  2. Smt. Surupa Dutta, Chairperson
  3. Sri Premomoy Das, Member
  4. Sri Subrata Dutta, Member
  5. Smt. Samita Das, Member
  6. Smt. Kumkum Banerjee, Member
  7. Sri Rup Narayan Bose, Member
  8. Sri Biswajit Roy, Member
  9. Smt. Madhulika Ghosh
  10. Sri Samir Das
  11. Prof.(Dr.) Sandip Kumar Paul, Principal and Secretary, Governing Body, City College of Commerce & Business Administration
  12.  Prof.(Dr.) Md. T.Haque, Principal, Umes Chandra College and Joint Secretary of the Governing Body
  13. Prof. Shibani Bagchi, Bursar & Teacher Representative
  14. Prof. Tara Sanker Maiti, Vice Principal & Teacher Representative