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City College of Commerce and Business Administration is one of the nine educational institutions under the Brahmo Samaj.

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IBM Global Process Services conducted a Campus Recruitment Drive in the College on March, 04,2014, and selected 10 students for recruitment.


Purpose & Goal

In spite of its rich educational heritage, the college does not intend to sit on the past laurels. Keeping in view the ever-increasing academic demands and the soaring academic level achieved by institutions the world over;





The college encourages research activities at various levels of scholarly pursuits. Currently an impressive number of fulltime and guest teachers are pursuing research and research-oriented work just as a number of published papers and articles are to going to see daylight shortly. This Page will record all in its regular updates. 








1. Dr. Sandip Kumar Paul (Commerce)


  • Public Sector Enterprises in India – A Study in the Context of Privatisation


          University of Kalyani, 2004


 2.  Dr. Sukanti Dutta (English)


  • An Artist in Exile – Novels of George Gissing


          Jadavpur University, 2000


3. Prof. Dipanjana Bagchi (Commerce, Research Work underway)


  • Problems and Prospects of Reverse Mortgage offerings - A Comprehensive Study in West Bengal


          University of Calcutta


 4. Prof. Sitaram Mondal (Bengali, Research Work underway)


  • Bangla Sahitya Samalochak Subodh Chandra Sengupta: Samiksha o Mulyayan (Subodh Chandra Sengupta, Critic of Bengali Literature: Exploration and Evaluation)


          Visva Bharati University


 5.  Prof.Monoranjan Naskar (Bengali, Research Work underway)


  • Bangla Kathasahitya: Protibaader Bhinnomatra, Paanch Lekhoker Srishti (Bengali Literature: Different Dimensions of Protest, the Creation of Five Writers)


          Jadavpur University, Department of Comparative Literature


6. Prof. Rina Rajbanshi (English, Research Work underway)


  • Reinterpretation of Mythology in Indian Fiction in English


          Pondicherry University


7. Prof. Madhusree Kundu Banerjee (E-Commerce, Research Work underway)


  • Fundamental Analysis and Its Impact on Stock Prices: A Study on Selected Indian Companies


          University of Calcutta


8. Prof. Saheli Banerjee (Economics, Research Work underway)


  • Mining Labour in Eastern India


          Rabindra Bharati University


9. Prof. Bindia Gupta (Environmental Studies, Work Underway)


  • Studies of Ecology of Non-timber Forest Vegetation with Special Reference to the Livelihood of Forest Users in Paschim Medinipur District, West Bengal


         University of Calcutta




 1. Prof. Tarashankar Maiti (Commerce)


  • ‘Management of Social Forestry in West Bengal: An Overview’


          University of Calcutta, 1994-95


2. Prof. Mousumi Basu (Commerce)


  • ‘Personal Financial Planning Practices of Colleges under University of Calcutta’.


         University of Calcutta, 2016


3. Prof. Saheli Banerjee (Economics)


  • ‘Women Labour in Jute Industry: the Present Situation’


          Rabindra Bharati University, 2012


4. Prof. Neeloy Gupta (Economics)


  • ‘A Study on the Day Labour Markets in Kolkata’


          Rabindra Bharati University, 2016






1. Dr. Sandip Kumar Paul(Commerce)


  • Diversification on Wheels – Running of Bus Service by a Tram Company (2007-8)
  • A Sojourn in Mizorum – to Unveil Its Natural and Cultural Marvels (2009-10)


2. Prof. Shibani Bagchi (Economics)


  • Floriculture Enterprise in a Small Farm Economy ( A Study of a selected district of West Bengal), 2007
  • A Look into Household Level Food Accessibility in the Rural Areas of a District of West Bengal, 2011-14


3. Dr. Sukanti Dutta (English)


  • The Mask of Reticence – Novels of Kazuo Ishiguro, 2010-12


4. Prof. Sitaram Mondal (Bengali)


  • Bish Shotoker Prothomardher Bangla Shomalochona Sahitya O Subodh Chandra Sengupta (Literary Criticism in Bengali in the first half of the 20th Century and Subodh Chandra Sengupta), 2011-14


5. Prof. Dipanjana Bagchi (Commerce)


  • An Awareness and Perception Study on Reverse Mortgage Offerings in Eastern India, 2011-14




1. Prof. (Dr.) Sandip Kr. Paul


  • ‘Enhancing the Quality of Learning’, in EMPI Research and Business Review, July-December, 2011 of EMPI Business School, New Delhi
  • "Higher Education in India: Reforms and Suggestions in the Light of the Developing Dynamics ?" , in the College Post (ISSN-2348-084X), Journal of Indian Colleges Forum (I.C.F): April-June, 2011
  • Road Safety: A Saga of Kolkata Traffic Police?, in Pursuits, the academic journal of City College of Commerce & Business Administration, 2012
  • “Higher Education and Unemployment Scenario in Paschimbango?, in Indian Economic Development: Contemporary Issues (ISBN- 978- 81-8484-167-1) ed. Prof. D.N. Bhattacharya, 2012
  •  “Revolutionary Changes in Higher Education-The Privatised Model?, in the College Post, April-June 2013 issue (ISSN 2348-084X)
  •  “Management Education in India- Attitudinal and Integral Changes?, in The Indian Messenger (Regn. RNI 5097/57), the Annual Journal of Sadharan Brahmo Samaj
  • ‘Quality Assurance of Higher Education in India Some Suggestions, Some Precautions’. Pursuits (ISSN 2322-0643), Vol. III, 2014


2. Prof. Dipanjana Bagchi


  • ‘Unique Identification Number: The New Identity Paradigm?’, Joint publication with Dr J.K Das and S.Maitra, Globsyn Management Journal Vol. V, Issue I & II.ISSN (0973-918), 01.01. 2011.
  • ‘An Exploratory Study on Reverse Mortgage Offerings in Eastern India?’, Pursuits (ISSN: 2322-0643),2014
  • ‘An Ageing Population Plus an Increased Burden on the Resources of a Country’- An Indian Perspective’, Pursuits (ISSN: 2322-0643),2016
  • ‘The Indian Telecommunication Ecosystem: A Brief Overview’, Joint paper with Somak Maitra, Pursuits (ISSN: 2322-0643),2016




3. Prof. Shibani Bagchi


  • ‘Institutional Finance: A Cushion for a Small-Farm Economy in the Era of Liberalisation and Financial Sector Reforms: A Case Study’, Artha Beekshan (ISSN 0972-1185), Vo. 14, Nos. 3 & 4, December, 2005 & March 2006, (Co-author: Dr. Jiban Kumar Ghosh, Agro Economic Research Centre, Visva Bharati)
  • ‘Floriculture, Liberalisation and West Bengal?. Artha Beekshan (ISSN 0972-1185), Vol. 17, No. 2, September, 2008)


4. Dr. Sukanti Dutta


  • ‘Fallen Angel or Idealised Woman: Nancy and the Existential Question’, in Pegasus (ISSN 0975-8488), 2008
  • ‘Glimpse into the Unknown Space: Greene?s “I Spy”’, in Pegasus (ISSN 0975-8488), an Academic Journal, 2010
  • ‘ O That Old Man Covered with a Mantle”: Lamb’s Nostalgic Vision’, in Symposium, (ISSN-2320-1452), 2013
  • ‘Beyond the Opaque Mirror: Katherine Mansfield?s “The Doll’s House”’, in www.academia edu. web. ed., 2014
  • ‘Shifting Perspectives”: Greene’s Childhood Stories’, in Pragya (ISSN - 2454-5279), an Academic Journal, Vol. I, July, 2015
  • ‘Questioning “Human-ness”: The Language of Silence in Never Let Me Go’, Gnosis (International Journal of English Language and Literature, ISSN 2394-0131; Impact Factor: 4,147), Vol. 2, No. 3, 2016


5. Prof. Rina Rajbanshi


  • ‘Rewriting Mythology: An Analysis of C.S.Lakshmi’s Forest’, in Literature and Humanities, an International Journal of English Literature) , Vol. II, Issue III, Dec. 2014 (ISSN 2321-7065)
  •  ‘Ageing, Memory and Self-delusion: an Analysis of Julian Barnes’s The Sense of an Ending, in Middle Flight, Vol.3, No. 1, Sept. 2014, (ISSN 2319-7684)


6. Prof. Sitaram Mandal


  • ‘Subodh Chandrer Rabindranath’ (‘Rabindranath in the eyes of Subodh Chandra’), in Khoai(ISSN 2319-8389)
  • ‘Ouponibeshik Bhuma and Manobik Bhuma: unish shotoker poriprekhhite (‘Bhuma the colonialist and Bhuma the Humanitarian : in the perspective of the 19th Century’), in Journal for the Department of Bengali, Visva Bharati, 2012
  • ‘Bish Shotoker Prothomardher Bangla Shomalochona Sahitya ebong Subodh Chandra Sengupta’ (‘Bengali Literary Criticism in the First Half of the 20th Century and Subodh Chandra Sengupta’), in Pursuits, Vol.II (ISSN 1322-0643), 2015


7. Prof. Monoranjan Naskar


  • ‘Nirman o Protyakhyan e Nirupama Devir Chotogolpo? (‘The Treatment of Development and Rejection in the Short Stories of Nirupama Devi’), in Padokhhep, a Literary Journal, 2012


8. Prof. Shaktipada Jana


  • ‘Social Networking'''''''', in Pursuits (ISSN 2322-0643) , Vol. II ,2013


 9. Prof. Madhusree Kundu Banerjee


  • ‘Emerging Challenges to E-Banking in India’, Pursuits (ISSN-2322-0643), Vol. 2012


 10. Prof, Somprakash Nanda


  • ‘Exploring the Issues Affecting Supply Chain in Indian SMEs’, Iraninan Journal of Management Studies, 2011-12
  • ‘E-Commerce: Bridging MIS with TQM’, International Journal of Contemporary Business Studies, USA, 2011
  • ‘Understanding Effectiveness of MIS from Organizational Perspectives: finding Research Objectives on Financial Organization with Special Reference to the Banking Sector in West Bengal’ (In collaboration with Dr. Kaushik Kundu, Associate Professor, School of Management,  Haldia Institute of Technology),  in Pursuits, Volume-III- ISSN 2322-0643, December, 2014
  • ‘Effectiveness of Database Marketing from Organizational Perspectives’ (in collaboration with Mrs. Simanti Nanda(Ray), Research Scholar, Calcutta University, Dr. Kalyan Sengupta, Professor, IISWBM), in Pursuits, Volume-III- ISSN 2322-0643, December, 2014


11. Prof. Saheli Banerjee


  • ‘Mining and sustainability: case studies of Jharkhand and Orissa’, in Synthesis, a Multidisciplinary Research Book (ISBN 978-93- 84106-29-4),2015


12.  Prof. Neeloy Gupta


  • ‘Child Labour and its Prevalence in India’, Pursuits(ISSN 2322- 0643), Vol. III, 2014


13. Prof. Bindia Gupta


  • ‘Conflict and Co-existence: Key Issues?, Banabithi, Wildlife Issue, West Bengal Forest Department, Govt. of West Bengal, 2015


14. Prof. Vijaya Sharma


  • ‘Jatiya Shaitya ki Samsyane’ in Rastryata,Sahitya,Sanskriti aur Ramvilas Sharma. ed.Lalit Jha, (ISBN No.978-81-924201-6-5),2014.


15. Prof. Debalina Mitra


  • ‘Virtual Organization: A New Vision of Management in Global Marketing’, Pursuits, (ISSN-2322-0643) Vol.III, 2014


16. Prof. Aditya Das


  • The Axioms and Anatomy for Change of Corporate Control: a Theoretical Outlook’, Pursuits, (ISSN-2322-0643) Vol.V, 2016


17. Prof. Supratim Dey


  • ‘Digital India’, Pursuits, (ISSN-2322-0643) Vol.V, 2016


18. Prof. Debasri Dey


  • ‘Uses of System Dynamics Model and Simulation in Supply’, Pursuits, (ISSN-2322-0643) Vol.V, 2016


19. Prof. Rajashik Sen


  • ‘Demonitization: A New Era in Indian Economy’, Pursuits, (ISSN-2322-0643) Vol.V, 2016


20. Prof. Devdeep Bannerjee


  • ‘GST: One Nation One Tax’: an Overview , Pursuits (ISSN-2322-0643) Vol.V, 2016

The college publishes an annual academic journal Pursuits (ISSN- 2322-0643). The journal has been published over the last five years. Starting off as a journal devoted to commerce-related studies, it has been more eclectic, and in the coming days it proposes to be multi-disciplinary. It has an Advisory Board comprising reviewers and teachers from academic institutions, institutes and the corporate sector.